Luiza Imangulova

Luiza Imangulova was born in Kazakhstan.
At the age of nine, she moved to the Samara region. On her own initiative, she entered the class of folk singing in a music school. Later on, she graduated from the Samara College of Culture in the same specialty to continue her education at the Samara Academy of Culture and Fine Arts. Along with studying, she began to teach singing.
Currently Luiza is a teacher of the folk ensemble Zhar-Ptitsa (Firebird) in Moscow; her students win prizes in various competitions and festivals. In 2017, the ensemble was recognized as the leading one in Moscow. For the time of its existence, the group has won numerous titles of laureates and more than five Grand Prix at international competitions in Poland, Austria and the Czech Republic. According to Luiza, her goal is to teach children to hear music, be attentive, and kind to the world.
In 2007 and 2009, Luiza was awarded the title "The Teacher of the Year" (Samara) in Performing Arts category. She actively participated in several art projects, including ethnic Solyarnye Znaki (Samara), and Art-terra (Moscow). Her native city saw her collaborating with a jazzman and composer Nikolai Machkasov. In 2011 and 2012, she won Moscow Contest "Priznanie" in "Master Virtuoso" and "Teacher-Pupil" categories. The owner of the Grand Prix of international performing skills competitions: "Youth" (Moscow, 2009) and "Talisman of Success" (Poland, 2012) in "Solo Vocals" category. In 2014 she was awarded an honorary diploma by the Department of the City of Moscow.
Luiza became known to general public after joining the fifth season of "The Voice" on Channel One. She won Polina Gagarina's heart with her unusual voice and playing harp (Russian gusli, to be precise). After "Fights" round, she became part of Grigory Leps' team, the part of which she was until quarterfinals. Luiza says, she is grateful to both her mentors and takes them for top class professionals and artists with powerful energy. She also thinks The Voice to be the best TV program in Russia, which really gives creative people a chance to get their call out there.

Before "The Voice" Luiza and Mario Caldararu (drummer and percussionist) created ethnic duet Zhyvye Vorota. Mario is a musician of a colossal scenic experience and master in making music instruments. Duet had a solo concert in Germany, which was a success. They also performed at festivals "Way to Yourself", "Krutushka", "Voice of Crafts", "Kamwa", etc.
Being inspired by "The Voice" experience, Luiza and Mario created a new project for playing ethnic jazz. The cast includes vocals, harp, guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums. They called this new and developing initiative Yakruna.
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