Marian (Mario) Caldararu

Marian (Mario) Caldararu
Born in Moldova, USSR.
He went into music at the age of eight, when he studied piano and tried to reach pedals of this complex instrument with his feet. This struggle went on until he became ten, when suddenly a vinyl record of Boney M opened a whole new world of percussion for him. Time before army was spent in defending this new World from the loving family. After serving two years in the army, Marian returned home, and without even changing his parade uniform coat, pulled a drum out of a secret place. His relatives had to give up – they lost the man
He changed bands and projects participating in anything interesting he saw, and it lasted until 1998. That year he made his first handmade maple percussion, and as a part of Cristobal Hunta Trio, came to Moscow grasping a letter of recommendation for the best horn player in the whole Universe – Arkady Shilkloper – in his hand. He had nothing but this and passionate enthusiasm with him. The letter of Anatoly Shtefanets, virtuoso viola player, and leader of art-jazz Trigon Trio, was similar to a Sesame key!
The letter of Anatoly Shtefanets, virtuoso viola player, and leader of art-jazz Trigon Trio, was similar to a Sesame key!

"… Arkasha, after all, it's me telling you this, look at him, what a talented boy!" wrote Anatoly. So Arkasha took a good look, and Arkasha started playing music with the "boy", and it was not just some music. In between, "the boy" played with such "dinos" of world music who started jointly on his education as Igor Ivaschenko, Arkady Kirichenko, Leo Slepner, John Saas, and Sergei Starostin.
The latter suggested doing a gig at the club called Dom, nothing special, just an urge impossible to resist! This urge got its name Prosche Prostogo duet in 2003. It was then that our Moldavian "D'Artagnan" began to understand what he got himself into. Considering the fact that in 2000-2001 Marian reached the New Zealand with the legendary art-jazz Trigon band, one can say life was always full of surprises then, and is still keeping it to the track now!

On and on it went: projects with German musicians (Klaus Burger, Mathias Schneider-Hollek, Pascal von Wroblewski, Stefan Karizius, etc), workshops at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, recording a solo album in collaboration with amazing trumpet player Andrey Goncharov, Ethno-Era project in Omsk, and – Yakruna's birthday - duet with Her Royal Highness Vocal Princess and bright performer of the Russian traditional songs, Luiza Imangulova. Collaboration with Louisa started with Zhyvye Vorota duet, and developed into large and promising ethno-jazz project with a mysterious name "Yakruna".
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