"Green Street" album press release, 2018
Yakruna is still a new name at Russian ethnic-jazz scene. The group has been formed by two musicians well-known to world music fans – Luiza Imangulova and Marian (Mario) Caldararu. The line-up also includes Alexander Nadezhdin – bass (ex-Mango-Mango) and Alexander Borisov – guitar.
Yakruna's music is a lively canvas of different nations traditional songs framed by elegant lace of ethno-jazz. The members of Yakruna can be called the creators of their own music universe, where folklore – wisdom of ancestors – unites with jazz – contemporary mood.
"Green Street" is the debut album of Yakruna. Оn this recording сustomary guitars and drums are joined by saxophone, reed pipe, low whistle, gusli, kugikly, kantele, kalyuka, doyra, tambourine, uillean pipe.
It is a live bridge between original song tradition and contemporary music concept. Sounds of instruments of different countries and cultures entwine here into bewitching music mosaics. It provides the framework for precious authentic lyrics and emphasizes beauty of Luiza's distinctive vocal.

Track listing:

  1. Oryol na dubu (Eagle on the Oak)
  2. Ulitsa (Street)
  3. Po boru khozhu (Walking through the Forrest)
  4. Korovat (Bed)
  5. Myata (Mint)
  6. Irlandsky veter (Irish Wind)
  7. Blokha (Flea)
  8. Sberegla (Saved You) – (Kalinov Most cover) – bonus track.

Title of the album – "Green Street" captures the idea of the group. It is spring in its essence, album-triumph where every song is like a holiday or celebration covering horizon with its wide sound.

The keynote of the album is family issues – relationship and feelings, everyday life, customs and traditions, workdays and holidays.

The opening track of the CD is 'Eagle on the Oak'. It is an audio performance with its own fragile dramaturgy. It tells a story of a daughter's love for her dad. Song vividly describes an important moment of growing up and delving into the fuss and whirl of adult life when you always lack time. However, childhood memories find their way through hectic everyday life and warm girl's heart. They make her to take a break and find the opportunity to see her father.

Further on – 'The Street' – which sounds like a true song-festival, solemn and light. It gives the special spring mood to the whole album. The lyrics is a mix of traditional Russian Trinity Sunday songs.
For example, there is a special "koumlenie" ceremony in the song. It is performed by girls – soul mates, or those girls who wanted to become soul mates to each other. Koumlenie was followed by exchange of ribbons, beads and even next-to-skin crosses in token of eternal friendship.
Then – 'Walking Through the Forrest' – rhythm-n-blues play with bright flashes of jazz, which tells about ancient marriage ceremony in Rus. Metaphorically it mentions young age of the bride – "underripe berries". Lyrics is petrovskaya song of Belorussia.
Petrov den – SS. Peter and Paul Day. It's the day when Kupala celebrations are over and summer wedding time starts
To continue the story there is – 'Bed' – central composition of the album, vivid in sense and music. It is a very emotional and dynamic song. It tells a dramatic story of a woman and her husband, who failed to fall in love with each other even after their wedding.
According to ancient customs, a bride and a groom never knew or even saw each other before their wedding. Marriage was contracted by parents' agreement, and had nothing to do with the couple's love for each other.
'Mint' is a great example of the band's creative eclectics. It pulsating, dynamic and vibrant composition. Musicians turned traditional wedding song of Samara region into a rich Moroccan feast-wedding, with its distinctive tallyhoing, praising the newlyweds, and restless guests dancing and partying until dawn.

'Irish Wind' is a composition written by the Yakruna's guitar player Alexander Borisov. It has got true strong Irish nature and temperament.

'The Flea' concludes the album. It's a buffoon song from Northern Russia. Toe-tapping and dynamic song about life of insects... and not only them! ;-))))

Album's bonus track – 'Saved You' – (Kalinov Most cover), was recorded specially to tribute legendary Kalinov Most band, the fathers of Russian folk-rock. It naturally became a part of "Green Street" album.
  • Marian (Mario) Caldararu – drums and percussion;
  • Luiza Imangulova – vocal, gusli, kantele, calimba, kalyuka, kugikly;
  • Alexander Nadezhdin – bass;
  • Alexander Borisov – guitar;
  • Vladimir Krizhanovsky – saxophone;
  • Sergei Klevensky – low whistle, reed pipe, bagpipe.
  • Produced by Yakruna and Elena Ovsyannikova.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Valentin Osinsky at Vladimir Osinsky studio, Moscow.
Engineered by Evgeniy Shevchuk.

Cover design and booklet artwork – Irina Sergeeva.
Photos – Sergei Lukankin.

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